104 personnel will ensure the safety of the 52nd Subida Internacional al Fito

Published on 10/05/2024
SIF Motor

Planning an event like the Subida Internacional al Fito involves thorough work in terms of security. Ensuring the protection of the public, drivers, and spectators is our top priority when organizing the competition.

For this reason, we have deployed a team of 104 personnel along the 5.359 km route who, under the supervision of the Race Director and the Security Chief, will ensure the integrity and well-being of all involved in the event.

During the event, we will have 59 marshals and radios distributed along the route, along with 33 members of Civil Protection, whose role will be to inform and guide the public to enjoy the Hillclimb in safe areas. These teams will maintain constant communication with the race director and the security chief to report any anomalies before or during the competition. Additionally, we will have 3 security vehicles, 3 ambulances, 3 cranes, and a rescue vehicle to ensure a fast and effective response to any emergency.

But safety is not only the responsibility of the organization; we also need your cooperation. Arrive with enough time to park your vehicle properly and move on foot to safe areas before the start of the race. Moving along the route when the race has already started poses a serious danger and is strictly prohibited. Remember to act responsibly with the environment and respect the natural surroundings. Please remember to pick up your waste. Asturias is a Natural Paradise that we must conserve without leaving a trace of our passage.

Finally, we want to express our sincere gratitude to the security forces and bodies, as well as to all the volunteers who collaborate to make the 52nd Subida Internacional al Fito possible. Their dedication and commitment are essential for this event to become a reality.

We look forward to seeing you at the 52nd Subida Internacional al Fito to enjoy together the passion for motorsport! Don't miss it!